Red River Paper in Photoshop Elements Techniques Newsletter

A big thanks to Rick LePage, editor of Photoshop Elements Techniques magazine, who included Red River Paper in the PET email newsletter.

From the newsletter:

“We did a reader survey last year, and one of the surprising results that jumped out at me was the large percentage of readers who said that they had either bought a photo printer or were planning on buying one so that they could print their photos and pages at home. As a printer guy from way back, this obviously warms the cockles of my heart, and we’re looking at how to cover printing in a better way in the magazine and on the Web site.

For those of you who do print your photos at home, you know how expensive both the ink and the paper can be, and I wanted to turn you on to one of my favorite companies, Red River Paper Co. This company, based in Texas, sells a wide variety of photo and specialty papers that are reasonably priced. I have been printing birthday, thank you and greeting cards on Red River cards for years — I especially love their Pecos Gloss and Polar Matte card stock, which come in a number of sizes, and are pre-scored to make folding easy.

Red River just announced a new paper, Polar Pearl Metallic, that has me almost giddy with anticipation. It supposedly has a look and feel that is similar to Kodak’s Endura Metallic photo paper, which was used by traditional wedding and portrait photographers who wanted that special look. I haven’t had a chance to play with Red River’s version yet, so I’ll keep you posted, but I wanted to pass a link along to these guys. I’ve known them for more than a decade, and their stuff has always been both high-quality and economical. (If you want to know more about alternative papers for inkjet printing, check out this article I originally wrote for Macworld, and reprinted with permission on Printerville.)”

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