Red River's Arctic Polar Luster and the HP B8850 Printer

Excepts rrom “The Digital Photography Companion’s Notes” Facebook page:

I’ve always had a fondness for luster finished papers and had been looking forward to trying Red River’s 75 lb Arctic Polar Luster. This was going to be a dual test actually, because I had a new HP Photosmart Pro B8850 printer sitting in my studio full of ink and ready to output. Why not test both at once?

I then loaded up the Artic Polar Luster and printed the same image. I compared both images to the picture on my calibrated Apple Cinema Display. The colors were almost identical in both prints to what I was seeing on the screen.

The 75 lb Artic Polar Luster was substantial and felt like artwork in the hands. I couldn’t set it down. And the finish is exactly what you’d expect from a premium luster stock: less reflection with rich tonality.

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Author: Red River Paper

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