RRP Daily Dose • January 16, 2011


Geotagging in Adobe Lightroom is a good option. It’s much better than some of the other offerings available. Find out how. Read More
(image via earthbound light)

The Photographer’s Assistant: How to Stand Out from the Rest and Make Your Name (Imaging Insider)

Tilt-Shift, Stop-Motion Squatting in Hillside Haiti (NPR)

Apple’s Aperture 3 Is an Affordable $79 – Down from $199 (The Digital Story)

Why Nothing Matches – Complete Guide to Color Management (X-Rite)

Unwanted Colour Tints in Monochrome Prints (Northlight Images)

Tweaking Photomerged Images in Photoshop (The Photoshop Blog)

Is it Time to Lower Your Wedding Prices? 7 Ways to Beat the Low Price Wars (David Ziser)

More Fun with Photoshop 3D Tools (Layers)

How to Use and Adjust Lens Flare in Photoshop (Photoshop Roadmap)

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