RRP Daily Dose • February 18, 2011



Russell Brown’s Focus Blending Techniques via Photoshop Support)


Apple Digital Camera Raw Update (Imaging Insider)

Photoshop button tutorial (Good-Tutorials)

Peter Turnley: Dispatches From Egypt (Peter Turnley)

Copyright – Enforce it Wherever possible (Photo Business News)

Make a Cam EZ Mount (Instructables)

Photography Is Still In Its Infancy And Some Doors Still Need Kicking In (A Photo Editor)

Refraction in Photoshop 3D (Layers)

Ring Flash Effects without a Ring Flash (Adorama)

No One Negotiates for Royalty Free Images (Photopreneur)

Convert a $7 Ikea Cutting Board to a Shoulder Video Rig (DIYPhotography)

A couple of GH2 items – movies from 40fps burst mode and picture style comparisons (planet5D)

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