RRP Daily Dose • February 28, 2011


Enhancing Eyes in Photoshop


Magnum Photos Partners with Leica (NPPA)

Apple Updates MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt (Imaging Insider)

How to Create a Realistic Crack Effect on a Face (Good-Tutorials)

Review: DSLR Camera Remote for iPad (The Digital Story)

5 ‘M’s – Marketing for Photographers (Northlight Images)

25 Awesome Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop That You May Not Know (The Photoshop Roadmap)

Customizing Lightroom’s Background Color (Matt Kloskowski)

The Numbering Affair (Luminous Landscape)

Photoshop Blood Splatter Tutorials and Brushes (Photoshop Gurl)

What the Heck is HDR Tonal Mapping? (Earthbound Light)

Lightroom Keyboards Compared (Lightroom Queen Blog)

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