RRP Daily Dose • March 23, 2011


15 Photoshop Tips in Under 2 Minutes!


Does Kodak Remind You of GM Before It Went Bankrupt? (Imaging Insider)

Antarctica in Color, 1914 (NPR)

Exploring Creative Lens Correction in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3 (Peachpit)

Review: Datacolor Spyder LensCal Lens Calibration Target (Digital Photography Now)

Apple Updates Aperture to 3.1.2 (Wetpixel)

Create a Paintbrush in Photoshop (PSDTUTS)

A 5000 FPS Video Showing Mirror and Shutter Vibrations of a DSLR (RiceHigh)

Throw Your Strobe to Great Lengths Using a Poor Man’s Better Beamer (DIYPhotography)

Edward Curtis: Photographing the North American Indian (Smithsonian)

How One Photographer Fought Back Against a Very Contentious Client (Photographic Lighting Essentials)

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