RRP Daily Dose • March 31, 2011


Creating a Hubble Galaxy with Photoshop (Photoshop Support)


Japan Power issues May Limit Canon USA Lens Supply (Newsday)

Albelli Launch World’s First 3D Photo Book (ePhotozine)

Adobe Coaxing Photoshop Power to iPad (CNET)

Cardboard Hasselblad is Pinhole Camera (Imaging Insider)

Bird’s Eye View of Japan’s Stricken Nuclear Plant Shows Vast Damage (NPR)

Understanding Utilizing Deep Depth of Field (Good-Tutorials)

Photographers Warned After Thousands of Pics Lost (AP)

What’s Happening at Photoshop World? (PSDtuts)

How to Photograph Drummers? (iShootShows)

Six Ways to Hand-Hold Your Camera — Shake Reduction Photo Techniques (Adorama)

Dark Photo Effect in Photoshop (Photoshop Roadmap)

Free Guide to Using Photography in Real Estate Marketing Available (Photography for Real Estate)

Remove an Audio Noise from Your Video Using Soundbooth (ACSVP)

Testing the Fuji X100 (Luminous Landscape)

The First Steps to Making Money with Photography (Photopreneur)

Headshot Tips (Pretty Girl Shooter)

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