RRP Daily Dose • May 2 2011

wpid-201102181206-2011-03-24-16-55.jpgCorrecting Colour and Contrast Using Colour Curves.jpg

Correcting Color and Contrast Using Color Curves (ePhotozine)


Photoshop CS5 Beauty Retouching Tricks – Smooth Skin (Tutorialized)

X1 – I don’t think I’ve ever had a dSLR that has done so well with JPGs (Leica Forum)

X-Rite Photo Talks with George Jardine on Adobe Lightroom 3 (X-Rite)

4 Steps To Understanding White Balance (Good-Tutorials)

What Are the Best ISO Settings for Canon DSLR Video? (Gizmodo)

Shoulder mount Camera rig_ made from crutch with follow focus (DVXuser)

No high speed strobe needed for Awesome Liquid Splash Photography (Good-Tutorials)

GigaPan Time Machine lets users travel through time – in digital images (Gizmag)

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