RRP Digest • July 10, 2011


Smoke Photography Made Simple – Video (Photography 101)


Microsoft Interns Create Ultimate Photo-Tagging Spy App (Fast Company)

12 Tips For Car Show Photographers(Car Loves)

How 3D foiled Hitler (BBC)

How To Customize Photoshop For A Better Workflow (Photoshop Blog)

10 free Holga Lightroom presets (Presets Heaven)

Photoshop Pen Tool Practice (Layers)

Spatial-Temporal Shift Of Pictures (DIYphotography)

Review: Pelican Travel Cases (Adorama)

Photoshop Tutorials For Road Sign (Tutorialized)

Why buy a DSLR when you can have the Panasonic G3? (43Rumors)

Prosthetic eye digital camera (Engadget)

Posters Printers Bait & Switch Revealed (Printer-Printer)

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