RRP Digest • July 3, 2011


Peachpit_ Adobe Lightroom 3_ Stitching Panoramas.jpg

Stiching Panoramas in Adobe Lightroom 3 (Peachpit)


Hyperfocal – No thanks (Northlight Images)7 Signs You’ve Outgrown Flickr (IShootShows)

Film Development With Coffee And Vitamin C (DIYphotography)

Five ( 1) Awesome Unorthodox Ways To Use Fireworks In Photography (DIYPhotography)

When is enough postprocessing, really enough? (Matt Klowskowski)

Make A Easy Half Skull and Half Face on photo Tutorial (Tutorialized)

How to turn Google into an online photography portfolio (The Next Web)

Dealing with Offline Files in Adobe Lightroom 3 (Peachpit)

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