RRP Digest • July 6, 2011


Sharpen Blurry or Out of Focus Images in Photoshop (via PictureSocial)

Why National Geographic Has Portraits Of Cows, Chickens And Seeds(NPR)

Spacecraft’s billion-pixel camera to spot 10 new planets per day(DVICE)
Sylights Lighting Diagram on iPad Finally (Hong Kong Phooey)

War photography? Isn’t there an app for that? (The Guardian)

Image Stabilization For Airborne Drones Comes to Home Video(PCWorld)

Looking Through the Eyes of Soldiers(WSJ)
Using Dropbox To Manage Projects With Big Files(DIYphotography)

Composite Landscape Images with Photoshop(CreativePro)

Billion-pixel camera set to snap Milky Way shots(NetworkWorld)

Converting Camera Raw Presets to Lightroom (Matt Kloskowski)

More on Sharpening in Adobe Lightroom 3 (Earthbound Light)

How to Photograph Sunsets With a Surreal Effect(Lightstalking)

The KDS-POTO2 – A DIY Super Plastic Camera(DIYphotography.net)

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