RRP Digest • August 10, 2011


Deke’s Techniques_ Special Effects With Blur And Noise Filters - HD Video Tutorial | PhotoshopSupport.com.jpg

Deke’s Techniques: Special Effects With Blur And Noise Filters – HD Video (Photoshop Support)


Twitter Launches Photo-Sharing Feature (PDN)

How to Remove the Impossible from an Image (Good-Tutorials)

A New Color Photo Turn Into Old Photo Effect In Photoshop (Tutorialized)

Review of FX Photo Studio 1.1 for the Mac (The Digital Story)

Amateur Buyers Purchase Poor Stock Images from Semi-Pro Photographers (Photopreneur)

Quick tips for improving Content-Aware Fill results (John Nack)

How to Select Hair in Photoshop (Tutorialized)

Woman’s Leap To Safety Become An Iconic Image Of London Riots (NPR)

Matt Kloskowski’s Insta-Lightroom Nashville-like Preset for Lightroom (Derrick Story)

Why Accessories Rule When Shooting Fashion (and how to post-process them (Scott Kelby)

Freezing the Fluid Emotions of Dance (New York Times)

Photoshop Quicktips #92 (Justin Seeley)

Photoshop CS5 Automation Techniques (Justin Seeley)

Video – Sony NEX-C3 Leica M Video Test Shot (Hong Kong Phooey)

Apple’s iOS 5 will make it easier for photo-app development (1001 Noisy Cameras)

Wedding & Portrait Photography; Lighting; Inspiration (Digital ProTalk)

The Top 10 Fundamentals of Underwater Photography (Adorama)

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