RRP Digest • August 24, 2011


iPad Photography App: DSLR Remote HD (Adorama)


Photographer captured MLK’s “inner light” (CBS)

Urban Photo Effect (Photoshop Roadmap)

IKEA Based Ring Light – Redux (DIYphotography)

Create Stunning Moblie Phone Photos With onOne Perfect Photo Suite Plugins (Photoshop Blog)

A perfect Lightroom preset to start with (Presets Heaven)

The First View Of Earth From Space (NPR)

The Ultimate Rube Goldberg Photography Set Up (2D Photography)

Feeling A Bit Gray Today? – Making Underexposed Look Good (Digital ProTalk)

Tilt-Shift Lens (Adorama)

Cool Color Mask Effect In Photoshop Tutorial (Tutorialized)

How to Conserve Details in the Shadows and Highlights (Photoshop Roadmap)

The Leica S2 as a Travel Camera (Luminous Landscape)

Chris Kridler, Storm Chaser/Photographer (Adorama)

Photoshop How-to: Give a Horse Wings (CreativePro)

Fix Exposures In Photoshop With Blending Modes (Photoshop Daily)

How to Create More Dynamic Images Using Local Adjustments (Lightstalking)

How to Use Clipping Masks.in Photoshop (Photoshop Roadmap)

Adobe Announces Lightroom 3.5 and Camera Raw 6.5 Release Candidates (Imaging Insider)

Steve Jobs: Legend (Justin Seeley)

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