RRP Digest • August 7, 2011


Creating Wild Fictional Animals In Photoshop - HD Video Tutorial | PhotoshopSupport.com.jpg

Creating Wild Fictional Animals In Photoshop – HD Video Tutorial (PhotoshopSupport)


Shooting Into the Sun (Earthbound Light)

How to Create Custom Shadows in Photoshop (Photoshop Roadmap)

Ben Long On Photoshopped Images And True Photography (Photoshop Blog)

How to Make a Wi Fi Booster Using Only a Beer Can (WikiHow)

Control a Canon digital SLR with DSLR Controller app for Android (Rob Galbraith)

Gadget Q&A: More on e-recycling, Kodak Photo CDs (Chicago Tribune)

Bring on the Night: Changing the Time of Day for Creative Effect (Sean Duggan)

The Changing Face of Portraits (WSJ)

Article: Canon Lenses Plus Photography App (Adorama)

Lens Hood: A Vital Piece of Camera Equipment (Tutorialized)

Ambushing Strangers in Hollywood with a Canon 5D and Handheld Flash (Petapixel)

Never Underestimate a Man’s Love for His Printer (Technorati)

Snapseed for iOS – Photo Editing App Review (About.com)

How to Convert a Regular Plaid Pattern to a Tartan Plaid (and Keep it Seamless (GraphicsSoft)

Kodak’s ITC case against Apple uncertain after judge retires (AppleInsider)

My Real Job… (ASMP)

Photographers’ rights Facebook page launched (AP)

The Leica M9: Getting to Know a $15,000 Camera and the World’s Most Famous (Forbes)

How to Scan Film With a DSLR‬‏ (YouTube)

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