Best Inkjet Note Cards for Front Feed Printers

If your printer feeds paper from the front only, then you will likely need to choose a medium weight, more flexible inkjet paper for your greeting and note cards. This is because paper must make a full 180 degree turn before coming back out of the maching and being printed.

Matte Inkjet Note / Greeting Card Papers

47lb. Premium Matte
50lb. Premium Matte Double Sided
60lb. River Linen
60lb. Paper Canvas Photo Matte

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  1. Right now the 60lb. Pecos River Gloss is your best choice:

    We’ll have a 96lb. super card version of that same paper available in the next few weeks. You’ll have to use it with an Epson or Canon printer with a top loading paper tray.

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  2. Will you please suggest a heavy stock suitable for POSTCARDS? Would prefer either glossy or satin on one side only — writable surface on reverse side.


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