Red River Pro Pro Chris Crisman on “How We Print”

Red River Paper Pro Chris Crisman talks about the importance of and techniques for printing their work.

Their mantra is “WE MAKE PRINTS”.  We agree and hope to get more photo enthusiasts to take that challenge to heart. Long live the print!

Almost as important as the creative process of making prints is the practical procedure. Chris and I were first exposed to this process in darkened rooms, working with trays of chemicals and watching images appear seemingly out of nothing on glossy sheets of Ilford, barely visible in the dim-red glow. Obviously this has changed and evolved over the course of our experience and careers. The stop and fixer have been replaced by usb cables and countless cartridge of expensive inks. The technology has changed in a way that lets us print at a level of detail and volume that was not possible before – and let’s be honest here, if we were printing as much as we do now with a darkroom setup, I would never get a chance to see the light of day.

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Author: Red River Paper

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