How Red River Paper Works

We are often asked to characterize how we do business and why we are different from the competition. Red River is a paper converter at heart, meaning we have all of the eqipment necessary to take paper in bulk from a mill, and turn it into product you can use.

What does this mean? Control. Control over quality, consistency, price. There are no intermediate wholesalers and resellers that inevitably keep prices higher. This is different from most every other inkjet supplier. Even the big name printer manufacturers sometimes source products from converters like Red River.

The bottom line is because we are just one step from the source mills, Red River can offer you a smoother buying experience as products tend to be in-stock and ready to ship 98% of the time. Pricing advantage means you can print more, or make more from jobs printed on our paper.

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  1. I have used Red River Paper for several years. Not being in business, but, doing a lot of special work for the local Senior Citizen Center, being their photographer etc, I can say that I have used quite a few hundreds of sheets of Red River Paper in the past and still use it for my own photos. The last order was the large 13×19 inch for my new printer! It surpasses most of the other types that I have tried. Most of the time the cost and shipping is reasonable.
    The colors are allways brilliant and pleasing to see. Photographs made with most any version of this paper is a notch above other types.
    I don’t think anyone could go wrong using any type of Red River Paper, as it is always tops and most of the time better than described!

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