Product Spotlight – GreenPix Photo Matte

62lb. GreenPix Photo Matte is a first in the industry, made of 100% post-consumer recycled content. What makes this recycled paper unique is its top grade photo inkjet coating and sturdy card weight and thickness.

GreenPix reproduces great photo quality and is friendly to the environment.

GreenPix is coated on one side with a inkjet receptive layer that helps trap inkjet ink for sharp detail and brilliant color. Using 100% post-consumer material for a photo weight inkjet paper is a first. Traditionally, this type of recycled paper looked “dirty” with flecks of material visible
on the surface. Red River choose the GreenPix base stock because thanks to new technology, this paper has a bright white color and is free of any distracting flaws on the surface.

GreenPix base paper is made in a chlorine free process and carries the approval of the Forest Stewardship Council.

What you can do with GreenPix

Greeting Cards
Print holiday “eco-cards” on GreenPix. Choose from three popular pre-scored card sizes. Red River even offers recycled envelopes. You can be proud to display the recycled arrow logo on the back of all your card creations this holiday season.

Photo Printing
With the weight and thickness of a traditional photo, GreenPix reproduces great photo quality on virtually any Epson, Canon, or HP inkjet printer. GreenPix looks like a typical photo matte with a no gloss surface.

Business Material
Any time you need a heavy weight paper for business printing applications, think GreenPix – especially if your company requires environmental policy compliance. You can’t
get much more green than GreenPix.

GreenPix Facts

* 100% post consumer content paper

* Photo weight and thickness

* Coated with top quality inkjet coating

* Compatible with all inkjet printers

* Available in greeting card sizes

Learn more and order some GreenPix now

Author: Red River Paper

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