Satin / Luster Inkjet Paper Surface Depth Primer

Satin Inkjet Paper Surface Depth Primer

Red River Paper’s selection of satin / luster inkjet papers are as good or better than the retail name brands at up to 50% less. We offer a big selection of papers to meet many needs. Learn more below:

Whether called Satin, Luster, Pearl, or Silk, these names almost always refer to an E-Surface finish. Just look to the nearest photo lab print and you will most likely see this pebbled finish. The DEPTH of this surface varies from paper to paper. The more shallow the depth the less you will notice the surface on a printed image. See depth chart:

Shallow Depth Surface

Arctic Polar Satin (cool tone)

Reference: Epson Premium SemiGloss

Medium Depth Surface

RR UltraPro Satin

Reference: Ilford Pearl

Deep Surface

Arctic Polar Luster

Reference: Epson Premium Luster

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