Arctic Polar Luster – In Depth

Setting the bar for premium photographic inkjet paper, Arctic Polar Luster is the paper pros demand and enthusiasts deserve. This is the height of true modern photographic look and feel. Extra weight and profoundly beautiful surface will make your photography look its best.

Arctic Luster features a deep luster finish (explain this) which offers the perfect balance between deeply saturated color and minimized gloss reflectivity. If you use pigment inks, this is especially helpful and will greatly reduce gloss differential and bronzing.

  • Optimized for pigment inks with minimal bronzing and gloss differential
  • Extra coating layer on back helps slow fade with dye inks
  • 13mil photo thickness
  • Acid free base stock. Coating slightly acidic. (explain this)
  • Cool white paper tonality

Compatible with any inkjet printer, Arctic Polar Luster fits an important niche for professional photographers. Increasingly, pros and enthusiasts require a high-end photo feel product that combines quality and consistent usability. Unlike many of the new boutique photo papers flooding the market, this Luster will feed consistently, withstand handling, show minimal fingerprinting, and offer cost savings.

Surface Photos

These photos are intended to give a sense of the elegant finish and lustral qualities of this paper. Note that on the scale of luster surfaces, Arctic Polar is among the deepest, similar to a benchmark product, Epson Luster.

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Author: Red River Paper

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