Print Panos On Your Inkjet Printer

A great feature of inkjet printers is that you can print projects not readily available from your local photo lab. Take for example panoramic scenes. Affordable stitching software, or just a little hard work in Photoshop, and you can have great looking panos of just about any subject.

Red River Paper offers two great sizes for pano printing:

8.5″ x 25″
13″ x 38″

Now you can print panos and wide format photography even on small desktop printers. Due to a limitation in Canon software, Canon printers can only print up to 23.9″, so the 25″ size will be your choice. If you have a 13″ wide Canon, we can cut 13×38 down to 13×25 for a small fee (call for details).

Shop for our pano inkjet paper sizes here

You can learn more about pano photography, software, and get help with custom paper sizes here

Author: Red River Paper

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