What inkjet papers can be recycled?

Ever wonder what inkjet papers can be recycled?  Because they are for the most part coated with specialty chemicals, there is confusion about which photo inkjet paper can be placed in the recycle bin.

As a general rule, you can recycle any coated paper except photobase media.  Photobase papers look and feel like photo lab papers and are coated in resin (plastics).  A good example is Red River’s UltraPro Satin photo luster paper.  Most glossy papers, like Arctic Polar Gloss, are in the same boat.  These types of paper need to be disposed of in the trash.


Other inkjet papers like matte, fine art, cast coated, and baryta are all recyclable.

Use this chart as a guide and recycle away.  Who knows? The paper you recycle today might come back to you as a box of Red River’s GreenPix 100% post-consumer content photo matte inkjet paper in the future.

If you have questions about what papers can be recycled in your community, contact your local waste disposal authority

Author: Red River Paper

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