How to remove Gutenprint print driver on a Mac (GIMP)

Gutenprint is resident in Mac OS 10 and is a “universal” printer driver.  However because it is a universal solution it often prohibits inkjet printers from doing the specialty tasks they were designed to do!

Since the release of Snow Leopard, the Gutenprint problem has again become prominent.

If your inkjet printer is acting odd it may be Gutenprint has taken over.

Some symptoms of Gutenprint Syndrome:

1) Margins on your prints are off
2) Some media types (paper settings) are no longer available
3) Color management options are different or colors are innacurate

You’re probably best served to remove the Gutenprint driver.  Restart your system and see if the printer manufacturer drivers are back in charge.  Go to System Preferences > Print and Faxes and locate your printer.  Open the print que.  Click the blue Info button on the top middle of that menu.  The driver version information will be displayed.  Check there to make sure Gutenprint is gone.

Author: Red River Paper

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