Red River Paper ICC Profiles Type 2

We have been asked if Red River’s printer profiles are Type 2 or Type 4.  The quick answer is that we provide Type 2 profiles.

The question stems from a recent concern about Apple’s Snow Leopard and that it does not recognize version 4 profiles – at least with the initial releases (10.6, and 10.6.1).  We do not know if more updates have fixed this bug, but apparently Apple knows about it and is working on a fix.

For most people, there will be no discernible difference between a version 2 and a version 4 profile.  Some RIPs and other programs do not work with version 4 profiles, so we default to version 2 profiles on all the profiles we make for you.

Here’s an explanation of the ICC version 4 spec from the folks who made it:
Red River uses a program called ColorThink2 (learn about the software) to access a wealth of data on our profiles.  If you are really into color management and profile data this might be the program for you (order ColorThink2).

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