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Bill Frakes 

The Photographer
Bill Frakes is a Sports Illustrated staff photographer and has worked in more than 125 countries for a wide variety of editorial and advertising clients including Nike, Coca-Cola, Champion, Isleworth, Stryker, IBM, Nikon, Kodak and Reebok. Editorially his work has appeared in virtually every major general interest publication in the world and he has received hundreds of national and international awards for his work.

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The Client
Personal work while on assignment for Sports Illustrated at the World Swimming Championships in Perth, Australia.

The Assignment
“I covered the competition which led up to the 2000 Summer Olympics. When not shooting the actual events for the magazine, I shot images, such as this one, for myself.”

The Execution
“I lay flat on the practice pool deck with a Nikkor 600 F/4.0 lens on a Nikon F5 with Fujichrome 100 loaded. The image was done in the extreme early morning while the light was low and perfect and the pool fairly empty. The light bounced off the lane markers making the red and dark blue color reflections. More swimmers would have disturbed the even surface and the image would not have worked. The new swim caps added a surreal feel to the swimmer as he bobbed up and down in the water.”

Post Production
As required.

The Output
With a shooting schedule of over 300 days a year I have to maximize my time no matter what the project. To achieve that objective when printing, I can count on two papers that I’ve found to give excellent results– Arctic Polar Luster, Polar Matte . The quality of these papers allows me to get consistent results. And when jobs call for other paper surfaces, Red River always has exactly the product I need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


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