UltraPro Satin Review

UltraPro Satin is Red River’s best selling paper by far.  The combination of retail brand quality and cost that is 40% less than those brands make it a true value.

It’s always nice to hear kind words about a product we know should be in the hands of more photo enthusiasts.

Excerpts from a review at Texas Chicks Blogs and Pics

Red River’s Ultra Pro Satin is smoother to the touch than Espon’s Ultra Premium Luster.  The texture is the main difference.  The Epson paper might be a bit heavier, but not by much.

I have always liked the sheen from Epson’s luster texture.  It’s not shiny glossy (I don’t like high gloss photos), but glistening sparkles are apparent when you hold the paper at certain angles.  Red River’s Ultra Pro Satin has some of this glisten, but not as much.  And comparing the two side by side, I realized that the luster was somewhat distracting on the Espon paper.

The Red River Ultra Pro Satin’s color reproduction was slightly more saturated than the Espon Luster, which I liked.  The Epson Luster had more red in skin tones, verus more yellow in the Red River.  Neither would be noticeable to most of us without comparing side by side.

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