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Polar Pearl Metallic is a distinctive inkjet paper that allows you to closely mimic the Kodak Endura process on your home inkjet printer. If you’ve never seen a metallic print from a lab describing it in words does not really do justice. The same can be said for the effect from Polar Pearl Metallic. The surface is a high gloss with a very light texture. The coating has a highly reflective pearlescent effect that shimmers when viewed at various angles. Color saturation is superb and solid colors virtually jump off the page.

There are currently a few metallic inkjet papers on the market. Luckily for Red River customers, our Polar Pearl Metallic is considered a top choice in terms of quality, look, and feel. On top of that Red River has the best prices, size selection, shipping security, profiles, and technical support.

Some excerpts from website reviews:


“I was blown away. I don’t say this lightly. I was blown away. The contrast in the print with the smooth and silky transitions of tone add such a vibrant depth to the photographs that felt like they came straight out of a dark room.”Read the full review

©Damien Franco


“The colors printed with amazing vibrance and the metallic surface gave amazing depth to the image. So here’s the details on the Polar Pearl Metallic, it is available in a huge variety of cut sheet sizes, including many of the old US standards like 8×10 and 11×14 all the way up to 17″x25″.”Read the full review

© Jeff Revell


“I began with a shot from inside Portland’s Union Station that I did last week and as the image was coming out of the printer I could hardly wait for it to finish…it rocked!!! I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, the metallic sheen to the paper made the ceiling in the station look like it was spun gold, there was a depth that pulled me right into the scene and the color reproduction was right on.” Read the full review

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