Restored images make a comeback on Red River Arctic Polar Gloss

Red River Paper Pro Ron Wolfe recently shared a personal story of how digital restoration and inkjet printing helped to bring back a bit of history from the American Southwest.

“I restored over 60 historic images from the 1870’s through the 1950’s for the Deming Luna County Museum in Deming, NM using Red River 66lb Arctic Polar Gloss paper.”

Ron Wolfe Deming New Mexico
“I choose this paper because a bright white paper capable of displaying a wide contrast range was needed. This paper worked very well, displaying excellent distinctions between the various shades of gray for these old photos. This display began with the 2010 Deming Old Timers Celebration in April and will continue indefinitely at the museum.”

Ron Wolfe Deming New Mexico

“Last year over 200 old time images were restored, also using Red River Polar Arctic Gloss. There were displayed during an Old Timers Celebration in an historic building in downtown Deming, NM. There were approximately 1000 people who viewed the images on a three day weekend in April. 2009.”

Ron Wolfe Deming New Mexico

Ron Wolfe Deming New Mexico

Author: Red River Paper

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  1. These are very impressive. I know first hand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to restore old damaged photos and to make good prints from them. A bright glossy paper would show the restored photos to their best advantage.

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