Epson R3000 R2000 Max Printing Length Information

There have been a number questions on message boards about the maximum print length of the Epson R3000 and R2000.

We conducted some experiments with very long sheets and here’s what we found.

On a Windows system, the max sheet length is 129″. Print length will be about an inch less due to margin requirements. We made a number of prints including 8×120 and 12×76 with success.

To print with long sheets (or from rolls) you need to create a paper size in the User Defined Paper Size dialog as shown below.

The story using a Mac is unfortunately different. We tried a number of different ways but could only get the printer to print a small portion of the image. There is a bug with either the driver or OS in regarding custom sizes – something we’ve run into many times in the past.

We’re continuing to tinker with the settings to see if there is a solution.

Author: Red River Paper

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  1. There are many predefined widths in the driver. If you create a user defined paper size then the choice of paper width is totally up to you. Let me know if you have further questions.

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  2. What are the predefined paper widths available?

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