Epson R2000 vs. R3000 Article from Red River Paper

Epson R2000 vs. R3000? Which should you buy?

To Start: We begin with the assumption you are deciding between the Epson R2000 and the R3000. You’ve ruled out other options. This is not an article touting these machines over others in the market. This is designed to help you decide between the two.

Near the top of the Epson printer lineup are the R2000 and the R3000. They are both excellent printers in their own right. They use very similar technology and have a couple of major differences. The question comes up often on discussion forums and from Red River customers: “Which one is best for my needs?”

It is important for you to diagnose your situation and then use what you find to buy the right printer. Here’s a little help on that journey.

Read the Epson R2000 vs. R3000 article here



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