Best Compatible Photo Papers for HP Photosmart Inkjet Printers

Best Photo Papers for HP Photosmart Inkjet PrintersBest Photo Paper for HP Photosmart Printers

Attention HP Photosmart printer owners!

We challenge you to try Red River photo inkjet papers and you’ll quickly find that our papers are:


1) As good as or better than the HP equivalent.

2) Red River papers cost up to 40% less than HP photo papers every day.

We’ve assembled a listing of best photo papers for HP Photosmart printers. You’ll find glossy, satin / luster, matte, double sided, and specialty papers.

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Some helpful things to know:

HP sometimes the term “soft gloss”.  They are referring to traditional satin or luster surface.  This is the lightly textured photo surface you get from almost any photo lab print.

Red River papers are not “swellable polymer” material.  This means they do not have the slightly rough backside that HP papers have.  Red River papers all dry instantly.

There are no markings or logos on the back of Red River papers.


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  1. I just received a box of the Aurora Art Natural. Outstanding! Ideal for artsy photos, especially if you plan to frame them behind glass. Perfect with my Canon Pro 9000 Mark II printer.

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