Are both sides of double sided inkjet paper the same?

Are Both Sides Equal?

Double sided inkjet paper is a paper with inkjet coating on the front and back of the sheet.  This allows you to print photo quality and sharp text on both sides.

So, are the two sides the exact same?  They are close, but not exactly the same. And certain types of inkjet paper will make the difference more noticeable.

If you notice a difference in the print quality on your next double sided print project, keep in mind it’s probably part of the way paper is made.


When paper is made, it has a “felt side” and a “wire side”.  The wire side is  rougher and may have a slight repeating texture.  Normally, you will find double sided papers packed with the smoother felt side facing up in the box.  Cotton fine art papers will have a more pronounced difference between the sides.

If you’re curious which side is which, hold up a sheet of paper at an angle in bright light.  The difference will be apparent on close inspection.

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