Six Tips for Handling Inkjet Paper and Prints

Store Paper Properly

Store your inkjet paper in a closed box (original packaging preferred) until you are ready to use it. Protecting the paper from light, swings in humidity, dust, and atmospheric contaminants is important.

Handle With Care

Handle the paper by the edges or underside to avoid damaging the coated surface. Avoid touching the printable surface of an inkjet paper. This is especially true of photo base papers like glossy and satin. Oil, dirt, and other contaminants can alter the inkjet coating which could adversely effect  print quality.

Keep It Clean

Watch for dust and debris. Because inkjet paper is not packed in a “clean room” environment, there may be dust or paper debris on the coated surface. If left there, you may see blemishes or white blank spaces on your printed image.

  • Fan a stack of paper before putting it in your printer
  • Use a fine polishing cloth to dust off the surface of paper, especially cotton fine art stock
  • Use canned air to clean the interior of your printer often to remove paper dust, etc.

What Out for Direct Light

Do not expose prints to direct sunlight. Heat and UV radiation will greatly accelerate fade and paper damage

Keep Them Cool and Dry

Always store prints in a climate controlled environment. 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% relative humidity are the benchmarks you should look to when storing prints. Moving air is a big factor in print fade. Try to keep prints in an acid free storage box or print sleeve / bag.

Store Them in the Right Material

If you are going to store prints in plastic bags or sleeves, look for plastic material that is made from biaxially oriented polypropylene. Avoid using any materials that contain polyethylene or plasticizers which can cause rapid yellowing of your paper.

Author: Red River Paper

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  1. I have a new 3880 printer and was introduced by a friend to your website.
    Lots of interesting and timely articles, tips and printing facts.
    I really appreciate this website and your maintaining of this medium.
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  2. I always appreciate your tips & find them VERY HELPFUL!

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