What is 17×25 inkjet paper for anyway?

Red River Paper offers the largest selection of professional quality inkjet papers in the 17″ x 25″ sheet size.  This includes:

  • 17×25 Glossy
  • 17×25 Satin Luster
  • 17×25 Matte
  • 17×25 Photo Metallic
  • 17×25 Fine Art Paper

We offer 17×25 as a service to those wanting to print full 16″ x 24″ images.  Specifically, photographers with full frame dSRL cameras have images captured with a 2:3 aspect ratio.    This yields images with native sizes such as 4×6, 8×12, and 16×24.  Owners of wide format printers such as the Epson 3880, Canon iPF6350, Epson 4900, HP Z3100, Canon iPF5100, and others can take advantage of the 17×25 sheets for full 16×24 printing projects.

So why not just 16×24?  Inkjet printers only allow certain sizes to be borderless.  A custom size, like 16×24, cannot be set to print without borders.  The result would be a print that is less than 16″ x 24″.  If you want a true, uncropped 2:3 ratio 16×24, you must use a larger size like 17×25.

See Red River Paper’s full selection of 17×25 inkjet paper sheets here

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  1. Post was just updated to answer that question specifically.

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  2. Still doesn’t answer the question! Why not 24×16 paper. Why waste the other inch?

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