Editing for Print – Soft Proofing with Tim Grey

If you are printing your work, getting it to look good on the monitor is just the beginning. To make it look awesome on paper, you have to do a bit more work. Red River Paper has teamed up with photography expert and educator Tim Grey to bring you a video series called Editing for Print. Over the coming weeks we will explore a few simple but critical edits before printing that have a big impact.



This week we look at Soft Proofing

Click on the video below to watch.

Author: Red River Paper

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  1. To soft proof in Photoshop, check the video at http://digitaldog.net/files/SoftProofingInPhotoshopCC.mp4

    I prefer to do this in PS because I can have duplicates of the image I intend to print on the screen, one without a profile applied, one with profile (that I’m editing to make as much as possible like the on-screen no-profile version).

    Very nice of RR to have put this up – Tim Grey has a very easy-to-follow presentation style.

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  2. Hi Tim, are you printing from LR? Can you do an extended video of this one? I guess Im trying to say in print module. Thank you, Debbie

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    • Debbie:

      We are on Tim’s calendar to create a video specific to Lightroom. I do not have time frame for when they will be available.

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  3. Hi Tim. It’s an interesting video; I never thought of softproofing as a way to find out which papers might make your photo look its best. I like that.
    I’m curious as to why you didn’t talk about what is most people’s initial experience with softproofing; their beautiful image looks like crap as soon as they turn softproofing on, and it takes a lot of work to make it look right. Because although I like what seems to be your approach (use softproofing to find the right paper), sometimes you want the paper you want.

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  4. Dear Tim, if another videos are so transparent and educate able like this one I can only congratulate your explanation in that video sequence is something I looked longer time in the past and I was not successful as I needed. I am ready to purchase to be a user of your blog as offered. Thanks jiri pavel, Czech republic.

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