Test – Card Setup and Printing EPSON – Vertical Image Layout – Photoshop CC CS6 CS5

Card Setup and Printing – Vertical Image Layout – Photoshop CC CS6 CS5

Epson Setup


Most recent driver versions look like this in Advanced Mode**.

Find the drop down menu that has paper sizes. Find and click on the User Defined option.

**If you do not see this menu arrangement, you are probably in Basic Mode. look for a button near the bottom right marked Advanced and click it to get to this screen.

1. Fill in the Paper Width and Paper Height. Use the table below as your guide.

Hint: The width is always the smaller dimension and the height is always the longer dimension of your paper, regardless of card orientation.

Paper Size Height Width
7×10 1000 700
6.25×9 900 625
5.5×8.5 850 550
8×9 Pano 900 800
5.25×5.25 Square 525 525

2. Paper Size Name – call it something that is easily recognizable

3. Click the Save button to return to the printer preferences / properties.

4. Click OK – You now have saved a custom paper size that will appear in your list of paper sizes.

5. Verify your other printer settings – media type, print quality, color management, and click OK to return to Photoshop.

Note: This step is for older Epson printers

On the Page Layout tab, click the Centered and Minimize Margins.




Notice that the preview screen looks like the printed card should – the excessive white space is gone. The hash marks around the border represent your printer’s margins.

NOTE! Make sure orientation is set to LANDSCAPE. If not, you will notice that the Print with Preview will look wrong.

You can now click print. You may see this warning – if so simply click proceed.

Congratulations! You have set up and printed a Red River Paper greeting card.

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