Quick Tip: Get Your Adobe Creative Cloud Receipts Quickly


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At Red River Paper, we have at least four Creative Cloud accounts at any one time. Since it is a subscription service, we get charged monthly or in some cases yearly. The accounting department needs receipts to make it all legal.

Here is where the problem starts. Adobe cannot (will not?) send a monthly email receipt to remind you of your purchase. You have to log into their site and click around to locate and print a receipt.

If you want to quickly get to your receipt in two steps, here’s how:

1. Log into your account at www.adobe.com.

2. Go to https://anyware.adobe.com/billing/billingList.htm, which brings up a list of recent receipts like this:

You can print out any receipt by clicking on its “print” icon at the right of the page.

You can now save the URL above as bookmark in your browser and come back to it each month (after logging into your account first) you need to see or print a receipt.



Author: Red River Paper

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