We Invite You to Contribute Articles and Videos to the Blog

How about writing (or doing a video) for the Blog? Ever since we re-designed and expanded it, we’ve been growing by leaps and bounds. Now, more than a quarter of a million of photo enthusiasts a month have become aware of our excellent content.

And content is key! If writing’s your thing, don’t worry about spelling or grammar or fancy style; if you really have a good topic to write about just write it in your own words. To paraphrase George Eastman’s famous slogan: You write the article, we’ll do the rest.


You don’t have to be a professional writer or video producer. If you have something interesting to share about photography, printing or imaging,  you can be a contributor and get compensated for your work.


First, go through the Blog. Look at the main topic headings and scroll down the sub categories in the drop-down menus. Get a feeling for what kinds of content we run and how it’s presented. But don’t be limited to only those.

Here are just a few examples:

  1. Articles at any level (beginners to expert).
  • Firsthand practical field experience and reviews– cameras, printers, scanners, accessories.
  • Unique and interesting software and mobile apps that would be of interest to photographers, printers and imaging software users
  • Any techniques that you have used to advantage in photography, printing or imaging.
  1. How-to-do-it tutorials
  • These should have step-by-step instructions with photos and/or screen shots. We also encourage well-produced videos up to 5 minutes long.
  1. Articles about photographers and other creative people aligned with photography.
  • Professional and amateur success stories. People who have done interesting and/or unusual things with photography.
  • How to make money with photography.
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Specialized photo collections.
  • Calendars, greeting cards and book publishing.
  • Scrapbooking, framing and other display options.
  • Mobile phone and specialized camera photography.
  • Tips and tools and trends.
  • Photo book reviews
  • Anything else that’s educational, unique and/or interesting

Let your imagination run free! If it’s interesting to you, others will also find it so. Share your passion for photography!


Articles can run anywhere from 300 to 800 words and should be accompanied by images, when appropriate. Some may run longer (to a maximum of 1,200 words) if they’re really compelling. Videos can run up to 5 minutes in length.

How To Get Started

  1. Think about a topic you’d like to write (or do a video) about.
  1. Write a couple of sentences or paragraphs that tell us about the subject and ask us if we’d be interested in publishing it? This is known in the trade as a Query Email.
  1. In the Query Email, Include some information about yourself and your background and/or interests in photography. If you have previously been published, tell us where and, if on the web, provide a URL.
  1. Send your Query Email to us at: [email protected]
  1. We’ll get back to you (usually in a week or two) to let you know if we are interested or not in having you submit your article. We may also make suggestions as to some of the elements that we’d like to see in it and, if you require it, help you develop it.
  1. If you have a full-length article or video ready to go, please do not submit it before giving us a brief description of it.
  1. All images used to illustrate your article that you do not own or have the rights to must have permission from their owner for their use unless they are in the public domain.


Unlike other photography sites that solicit free articles, it is our policy to remunerate contributors for every article we assign. That’s because it is our goal to establish long-term relationships with writers that we work with and to help them reach whatever level of professionalism they desire.

For most published articles that run between 300 and 800 words and videos that are 3 to 5 minutes long you will receive a Red River Paper Gift Certificate of $25 to $100 good for any papers of your choice. Generally speaking, compensation will be less for shorter articles and more for longer ones but there may be some exceptions.


You will be on your way to becoming a published writer in the photography field. Each article will have your byline and a short biography about yourself. We will also link to your web site (if you have one) which will then further acquaint our readers with you.

As we get to know your skills, we may begin to give you assignments for articles and reviews we would like to run. In addition to your regular compensation, and in accordance with manufacturers’ guidelines, you may also be able to keep certain review items.

If you want to break into this exciting field as a writer, reviewer or producer of tutorial videos, this is the traditional method to get a foot in the door. Many of the top writers and video producers whose work you read or view today started off by contributing to web sites and publications just this way. You can, too!


  • You, the author, will retain all rights to your article (or video) and images; your work will not be re-sold by Red River Paper to any third party.
  • You agree that If you use images to illustrate your article that are not yours, you will supply us with permission from the owner to use them unless they are in the public domain. All images will be credited to their respective owners.
  • You agree not to republish your articles/videos in any other media within six months of their appearance in the Red River Paper Blog without our written permission.
  • For articles that are published, you will receive a gift certificate for $25 to $100 worth of Red River Paper. The amount of compensation for articles and videos will be mutually agreed by both parties prior to publication and payment will be made in a timely manner after the article appears in the Blog.
  • The article will contain your name on a byline at the beginning of the article and a short biography about yourself at the end.
  • The article will also include a link to your web site (if you have one) and contact information (if applicable and requested by you).
  • You agree that, In addition to the publication of your work in the Blog, Red River Paper may, at its option, re-print your work for company promotional purposes, with no additional compensation to you, in other venues such as, but not limited to, its newsletter, trade show flyers, camera club handouts and the like.
  • You agree that you may not represent orally or in writing to any party that you are researching or writing an article or producing a video for the Red River Paper Blog until you have received our approval to write the article or produce the video.
  • You agree that you will not solicit on behalf of the Red River Paper Blog any hardware, software, books, videos or other equipment from manufacturers and/or suppliers unless we give you express written permission to do so.