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When you advertise at the Red River Paper Blog



The Red River Blog is visited (and contributed to) by serious photographers who love making prints and spend a significant amount of money on equipment and accessories. Most of them own high-end cameras, print their own images on high-end desktop and wide-carriage printers and buy large quantities of ink jet paper and ink.

Our readers are not occasional photographers; rather they are passionate about photography and are eager to purchase equipment and supplies that can make their images stand out. More than 250,000 a month have become aware of our excellent content And that number is growing every day.



We don’t want our site cluttered with multi-sized banners or ads that are trashy. That means your ad will be displayed large enough to get the exposure it deserves and will be surrounded by a substantial amount of white space.

Your ad will appear on every page of the blog and never alternate with other banners. You can change the content of your ad at no extra charge as frequently as every 30-days if you want to.



Aside from the advertising banner you select to run, we offer a lot more to help build your business and increase sales.

  • We will give you several editorial write-ups including images/videos and links to your site about your services and products within the time frame of your advertising period. These will appear as editorial posts on subjects that we will mutually agree on and before these articles are posted, you will have final approval of the content.
  • You may reproduce and re-run these articles without charge for your own promotional purposes.
  • We will engage in special promotions with you. One of these might be your participation in one of our Giveways which will give your company top billing at the blog for up to 10 days, complete with product images and/or videos and descriptions. Another promotional effort might be a limited-time special offer for our readers which would boost awareness and sales for you.
  • You will receive additional exposure in the Red River Paper Newsletter that goes to more than 60,000 readers every week.
  • Many of our contributors have been in this field for years and write articles on diverse photo subjects for different publications. Whenever appropriate, your company may receive exposure in those articles as an added benefit.



We’re keeping the ad sizes (and rate structure) simple. Currently available are three basic ad sizes that range from as little as $112 to $270  a month (taking into account discounts as described below). Available are:



Full Side Banner

Full Side-Banner (above).  250 x 250 pixels that runs at the right side of every page. $300/mo, six month minimum; $250/mo for 12 months. 10% discount for full payment in advance. As low as $225 per month.



Half Side Banner

Half Side-banner (above).  125 x 250 pixels that runs at the right side of every page. $150/mo, six month minimum; $125/mo for 12 months. 10% discount for full payment in advance. As low as $112 per month.



Screen shot 2014-05-19 at 8.46.32 PM

Tail Banner Package (above) that runs at the bottom of every page (970 x 90 pixels) and includes, at no additional charge, a Half Side Banner. Only one of these packages is available: $350/mo, 6-month minimum; $300/mo for 12 months. 10% discount for payment in advance. As low as $270 per month.



The positions of side banners may be rotated from time to time so that each has a chance to appear near the top of the page. This allows all banners to attract equal reader attention.

All ads may be revised by the advertiser at no additional charge, not to exceed once each month, at no extra charge.

For a premium of 25%, your company’s product or service can be exclusive at our site. No competitive advertising will be accepted.



 Select the size of ad you’d like to run and how long you’d like to run it. Then request an Advertising Agreement from us. Questions? Contact us at [email protected]