RRP Digest • June 29, 2011


How to Umbrellas in Your Photography (YouTube)


Photography iPad Apps You’ll Really Use(Photopreneur)

Death of a Photojournalist (and Super Hero) Announced(PDN)

Cropping and Rotating Images in Adobe Lightroom (Earthbound Light)

Brian May interview: Crazy little thing called 3D(AP)

How the stock industry ate itself (A Photo Editor)

Photo Colorizing(Tutorialized)

Charles McQuillan: Photographer captures his own life-saving surgery (Daily Mail)

Photo art made with robot photographer (Tulsa World)

Photography Fundamentals: Image Edit(Graphics.com)

Making Text photo In Photoshop(Tutorialized)

Maybe This Is Why Cops Don’t Want Us To Take Photos (The Daily Attack)

Camera Companies Among Top 100 Most Reputable, Nikon Misses the Cut(Petapixel)

The Art of Survival in the City (The SIP)

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