Red River Paper Daily Dose August 15, 2011

DSLR Remote HD (Adorama)

How To Give A Photo An Aged Look – Photoshop Tutorial (Photoshop Blog)

Review – using the Canon 8-15mm f/4 L Fisheye lens (Northlight Images)

Free Online photoshop Tutorials 10 Greate Tips (Tutorialized)

Why digital photographs won’t be around forever | Technology (The Observer)

Merge Photoshopo layers onto a single layer (Photoshop Daily)

Free Duct Tape Photoshop Brushes From Bittbox (Photoshop Blog)

Create Realistic Folds in Photoshop from a Flat Image (Good Tutorials)

The Midnight/Shot, a Pocket-Sized Infrared Camera (Popular Science)

Vintage photography Web sites offer a chance to ‘time travel’ (Washington Post)

Custom Printing in Lightroom (Tips Squirrel)

Printing With Caffenol (KEH Blog)

iPhone Street Photography in Amsterdam by Chun Tong Chung (Eric Kim Photography)

Alfred Eisenstaedt on Getting Close in Street Photography (Eric Kim Photography)

Forget planking: 1920s photography craze for ‘horsemaning’ (Daily Mail)

In Camera and Post-Processing (Editing) for Beginners and Intermediates (Life Thru Lisa’s Lens)

Using Different Sized Softboxes For Portraiture (DIYphotography)

Before/After Composite in Lightroom (Matt Kloskowski)

Design A Old Style Photo Effect using Photoshop (Tutorialized)

The Last Cowboys: A Photographer’s Family Portrait (NPR)


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