HP Hopping into Desktop Pigment Market

For real this time it seems. The HP B9180 is billed for professional use with 13″ wide capability and pigment-based Vivera inks. This is a big deal if you are an HP fan. Gone is the requirement that you use HP swellable polymer media to acheive long print life. The big deal…Swellable glossy and satin papers are very hard to pass off as “traditional photo look and feel”. With these papers, one can immediately tell they are holding an inkjet print. Even though pigment inkjet prints last a long time, they still do not get the same respect and acceptace as lab prints from the consuming public. So the long explanation boils down to “good for HP for using pigment inks”.

We will have the new printer for testing in June and shall offer a full report on its quality and compatibility with Red River inkjet papers.

HP website link for the B9180 is here


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Author: Red River Paper

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