Informal Survey of Image Print Display Times

We were reading a white paper by Kodak on light and thermal stability (well someone has to read this stuff) and came across an interesting chart.

An informal survey in the mid-1990s asked how long images would remain on display.  The majority of images were projected to be taken down after 10 years on display.

Image Age (Years) Approx Images Still on Display
5 54 %
10 42 %
20 21 %
40 1.9 %
60 Virtually none

Many different reasons can come into play when it comes to image time on display.  Moving, changes in marital status, and simple redecorating change the landscape of our homes and offices.

The point is to consider the time an image will be out with full exposure to the elements as opposed to how long it may be in dark storage with more limited exposure to fade causing factors.

You can download and read the entire white paper here

Author: Red River Paper

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