Epson R2000 Arrives – Replacement for Epson R1900

Epson R2000 Image copyright Epson UK

Epson R2000 – Image © Epson UK

Epson announced the Stylus Photo R2000, which effectively replaces the Epson R1900.  The new printer uses the same UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 pigment ink set as the R1900.  The defining feature of this inkset is the Gloss Optimizer that sprays prints with a clear top coat.  This coating reduces or eliminates bronzing in dark areas, and what is called gloss differential in areas of white.

What You Need To Know:

  • New R2000 replaces the R1900
  • 13″ wide professional quality inkjet printer
  • New, larger 17ml capacity ink cartridges
  • Optimized for glossy and satin/luster printing
  • 20+ compatible Red River papers
  • ICC profiles for Red River papers will be available

The R2000 uses larger, 17 ml ink cartridges. The larger tanks will offer the convenience of fewer cartridge changes over time.

The same Red River Papers offered for the R1900 will work wonderfully in the R2000.  ICC profiles will be available.


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ICC Printer Color Profiles for Epson R2000

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Author: Red River Paper

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  1. It looks like the text was pulled from an original Epson press release. I think they were trying to point out that you will have to change tanks with less frequency. The cost of operating the R2000 is similar to the R1900. You can find details cost of printing reports on both machines here:

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  2. I am curious how a 17 ml cartridge offers twice the printing capacity of a 14 ml cartridge? Looks to me like at most a 21% increase in printing capacity not 100%. Please tell me that I am wrong! I just upgraded from an R1900 to R2000

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