Printing important to you? You might want to wait on OSX Lion.

10.7 Lion is the newest version of Apple’s OSX operating system.  This is only a word of warning to those who absolutely have to keep their printing operation up and running.  Depending on your printer, Lion may experience problems with color management or the basic functionalty of your printer driver options.

Why do we say this?  Each time a new OSX has been launched Red River received a spike in print quality problem calls from Apple customers.  As more and more revisions to the OS are released the volume of complaints falls.

If you are an occasional printer, or have time to deal with trouble shooting then by all means upgrade to 10.7.  If you have to keep running, absolutely confident of the same quality you have now, why not wait a few revisions just to be sure?

At minimum, if you’re going to move to Lion, make a Time Machine backup of your current OS before upgrading.  You can then perform a downgrade without having to format and do a total reinstall.

Author: Red River Paper

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