My Boxes of Red River Paper

By Derrick Story– 

Not long ago, I published a picture on my Facebook page of an “odds and ends” room from my studio. I was writing about an older iMac DV Special Edition that I kept in there. But a number of sharp eyes noticed the boxes of Red River Paper that I keep on hand.




It’s true: I love having a variety of surfaces to choose from when it’s time to print with my Epsons. But I’ve found these boxes handy for more than just storing sheets of glossy and matte.

Whenever I need to build a temporary platform or makeshift stand, I reach for my boxes of Red River Paper. They’re always perfect for the job at hand.

In this photo, I’m using a 5×7 box to elevate my camera as part of a makeshift slide digitizer. The 5×7 boxes are particularly useful because they’re not too big. But I’ve been known to build temporary shelves with 13″ x 19″ cartons. You just never know.

So yes, I will always have plenty of Red River Paper on hand because it’s my absolute favorite for great image quality.

But I also like those boxes…

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