Paper Crafts: Pallet Christmas Tree With Paper Ornaments

Have you seen those adorable Christmas trees made out of pallets?

We decided to make some for ourselves, two trees to be exact, and also decided to add a some decorations to it.

First, you will need to obtain a pallet, you can either purchase one or go to a warehouse and ask if they are throwing any away.

Second, with a power saw, and using safety goggles, very carefully cut the pallet into a tree shape.


Third, to paint the pallet tree, first use a primer because most pallets are just raw wood. I used regular spray paint and after 4+ coats, it finally kept the color. On another tree, we used green paint “Interior Flat Accent Base 3” and it adhered nicely after one coat.


Once the paint dried for 24 hours, we used a staple gun and attached some Christmas lights as well as a bow to the tree.


We printed up several ornaments from our Red River Paper stock and  hung them nicely from the Christmas lights.

IMG_3621 IMG_3620 IMG_3619 IMG_3618



Papers used for the ornaments: Arctic Polar Luster, Polar Gloss Metallic, Pecos River Gloss Duo, and  88lb. Polar Matte.

A great book with lots of other things you can do with pallets is: Crafting With Wood Pallets by Becky Lamb. Ulysses Press $16.95.


Author: cindy

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