Printing Project Idea: Print for a Photo Album or Framed Wall Art

Remember looking through your family’s photo albums? While at home during this time, why not work on creating your own photo album.

Whether you use 4×6 or 5×7 for prints, we have the sizes and surfaces you need to print your inkjet photos to last for years to come. The two most popular papers for photo albums are our UltraPro Satin and UltraPro Gloss

If you don’t already have an album to fill, you can order one online from MichaelsWayfair, or Target online. 

Now is a great time to decorate your walls and shelves with new photography or art prints!

If you are searching for a frame or framing supplies, our friends at Frame Destination have an excellent selection and support team!

60lb. Polar Matte paper is great if you don’t want any additional reflection under the glass frame but still need crisp and clear details for both photography and art prints. We also have a wide variety of sizes available to fit different frames, including 4×6 which is currently on sale. 

Author: Red River Paper

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